Solid Conservatory Roof Options

The Leka solid conservatory roof system offers a variety of design options. You can choose a design that matches your existing property.

Solid Conservatory Roof Styles

The Leka solid conservatory roof system has been engineered for versatility. So, any existing conservatory roof shape or design can be seamlessly replaced with this system.

The only limitation is the pitch of the roof and the safety of your existing conservatory frames. Contact us to discuss your options.

Illustration showing different roof styles and shapes for a conservatory.

Shapes and Styles for Your Tiled Conservatory Roof

Every conservatory roof shape and style can be created with our made-to-measure Leka solid conservatory roof system. Here are a few examples of the popular styles you can choose from

Roof finish options

Tiled conservatory roofs from Leka are available with a choice of weatherproof tiles including natural slate finishes with a range of colour options to match perfectly with the design and style of your main house roof.

Britmet Liteslate

Britmet Liteslate is made from resin bonded limestone. It has the rugged, textured appearance of real slate but it is much lighter, making it ideal for the Leka roof.

Britmet Liteslate is extremely weatherproof, and it will not curl, lift, or delaminate so your roof will look new for years to come. There are 5 standard colour options, with mixed colours available too.

Tapco slate swatches

Britmet Shingle Roof Tiles

The Britmet Shingle tile is crafted to provide a shingle appearance and is offered in the widest array of standard colours in the United Kingdom. It can be used on roofs with pitches ranging from 15° to 90°. The dimensions of the Britmet Shingle are 1231mm in width and 250mm in height. This roofing panel is lightweight and is designed to mimic the look of natural slates. It should be fastened with a staggered pattern, moving from right to left. The Shingle is constructed from the finest Aluzinc steel, featuring a stone granule coating with a clear, acrylic overglaze.

Find Your Local Certified Solid Conservatory Roof Installer

We have a network of Leka certified installers across the Southeast. Including Kent, Sussex, Surrey & Hampshire.

So, if you’re considering transforming your conservatory with a solid conservatory roof system, then get in touch. We’ll put you in touch with your nearest Leka installer.