Leka Xi – Modular Conservatory Walls & Base

The Leka Xi offers an eco-friendly and cozy alternative for constructing the foundation and walls of a conservatory as opposed to the conventional brick or block method

The Leka Xi saves time, mess and stress

Usually set up on concrete pads, the Leka Xi offers a convenient, clean, and stress-free solution when contemplating the construction of a new conservatory or single-story extension.

The GRP cladding skins are available in various colors and provide a sustainable imitation of real brickwork, stone, or timber. We can even provide external boarding that’s ready for a plasterer to apply render directly onto.

Typically, a conservatory, including the Leka Xi base/wall system and a Leka roof, can be installed in a matter of days rather than weeks. There’s no need to worry about thermal bridging or moisture absorption thanks to our lightweight and structurally sound GRP framework, which meets thermal efficiency standards.

The Xi is meticulously engineered, with pre-fabricated modular sections, ensuring that every component undergoes factory testing before delivery. This innovation revolutionises the construction industry and offers homeowners a multitude of advantages.

Leka Xi Benefits

  • Choose from Dwarf Walls, Full Walls, or a combination thereof.
  • Installation takes only days, not weeks.
  • Reduce the need for extensive excavation, minimizing mess.
  • Experience remarkable thermal efficiency.
  • Compliant with building regulations.
  • Perfect for homeowners with limited or no rear property access.
  • Cost-effective solution.
  • Featuring precision engineering with pre-fabricated modular sections.
  • Requires no maintenance and offers a range of authentic brick-colored GRP clad skins.
  • Also available with lifelike GRP timber clad skins.
  • Allows for on-site rendering, providing maximum flexibility.

Step 1 – Adjustable Feet

Depending on the ground conditions at the intended location for the Leka Xi, it’s usually possible to install the supporting feet on simple concrete pads. This eliminates the need for extensive ground preparation in most instances.

The Xi feet have adjustable features, allowing them to accommodate different floor levels, thereby ensuring a precise and level finish upon completion.

Step 1b – Ground Screws

Ground screws present an excellent choice for your Leka Xi foundation, serving as a superb alternative to traditional concrete pads.

These cutting-edge, rigorously tested products are adaptable to a range of ground conditions and are typically installed within a day. Installation companies often provide ground surveys as well, streamlining the process and saving both time and effort.

Step 2 – Base System Installation

After laying an adequate membrane over the designated ground area, the Leka Xi’s pre-fabricated GRP base system is set in place. This system consists of a perimeter beam for the floor and supporting joists that incorporate advanced structural features. To enhance thermal performance, PIR insulation sheets are fitted in between these joists.

Step 3 – Modular Wall System

The advantage of the Xi wall system lies in its genuine modularity. Each wall can be customised to specific heights and widths, tailored to meet your exact living space needs. These specifications are pre-fabricated into manageable lightweight sections, making installation a breeze.

Step 4 – Roof Installation

After the installation of the modular Xi framework, it’s common to proceed with the fitting of an appropriate roof system.

There are several roof system choices available to complement your Leka Xi installation, including:

  • Leka Flat Roof
  • Leka Orangery Roof
  • Leka Tiled Roof

Step 5 – Insulation

Top-quality EPS insulation is precision-cut to the required dimensions and neatly fitted in between the thermally efficient GRP framework.

Step 6 – Plasterboards & Flooring

After the installation of windows and doors, the interior energy-efficient plasterboards are affixed, along with high-quality weightrock flooring. This creates a finished surface that is prepared for plastering and the application of your preferred floor covering.

Step 7 – External Finish

In the end, the preferred external finish is added. The Leka Xi offers a wide range of options, including:

  • GRP finishes that mimic brick, timber, or even stone—all of which are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.
  • Alternatively, the unique external Leka board allows a plasterer to apply a wet render coat directly to it.

Customers also have the flexibility to apply their own finish if desired.

Fast Installation

In the majority of cases, the Leka Xi, along with any roof system, can be installed and finished in under a week. Say goodbye to extensive ground preparation, mess, and weeks of construction.