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Leka Roof Supplier Fareham

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Leka Roof Supplier Fareham

Window Warehouse is a Leka Roof Supplier, supplying this quality profile across Fareham & Hampshire. As we make this roofing profile ourselves, we have complete control over the product's quality. Call our team today to discuss why you should choose Window Warehouse as your Leka Roof supplier.

Space Your Customer Can Use Year-Round

Leka Solid Conservatory Roofs are the perfect design for Fareham installers. By choosing Window Warehouse as your Leka roof supplier, you'll be able to fit a roof manufactured specifically for older conservatories. This solid roof profile is a great upgrade to older polycarbonate or glass styles.

Unlike these older profiles, the Leka solid conservatory roof will not transform your customer's extension into a greenhouse in the summer or icebox in the winter. The roofs we offer as a Leka roof supplier is constructed with super-lightweight glass fibre reinforced plastic ring beams and pre-made rafters. This lets the installer to seamlessly fit this roof profile onto existing frames.

Lowering Your Customer's Energy Bills

As a Leka Roof supplier, Window Warehouse can provide you with a space your customer can use year-round. This roof is manufactured with Celotax foam sheets, certified by the British Board of Agreement. The Leka roof profile boasts U-values of 0.15.

If your Fareham customer wants to increase the heat retention capabilities of their conservatory, this roofing profile is ideal. As a Leka roof supplier, we manufacture a roof that will trap in pockets of warm air to create a comfortable temperature. Your Fareham customer won't require excess central heating to warm the extension. Instead, they can rely less upon their central heating, contributing to lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

Leka Roof Supplier in Fareham

Lasting Quality

The Leka Roofs we provide as a Leka Roof supplier are designed to be low maintenance and not offer any high maintenance headaches to the Fareham homeowner. We manufacture this system and accompany it with a 40-year guarantee. This provides your customer with the peace of mind that the product is built to last and won't require lots of time to maintain.

Designed to Your Project Requirements

By manufacturing the product ourselves, we can offer as a Leka Roof supplier a product that fits perfectly. This roofing system fits all conservatories, including Victorian, Lean-To and P-Shaped. Your Fareham homeowner can enjoy other customisable features.

One customisable feature we offer as a Leka roof supplier is customisable tile colours. Tapco slate or metrodile tiles can be decorated in five different colour options, with mixed colours available for the tapco slate. The slates will match the existing roofline of your Fareham customer's home, helping to raise the value of the property.

Through opting for Window Warehouse as your Leka roof supplier, you'll get a design that puts you ahead of your competitors. Velux windows can be incorporated within this design. This helps to create the illusion of more space and floods the extension with natural light.

Leka Roof Manufacturers Fareham

Creating a New Space

If your customer is wanting to add a new space, Window Warehouse is the go-to Leka roof supplier. We use the quality Halo Windows and Doors within the frame to create the extension. This will give your Fareham customer a space that can be enjoyed year-round. They'll also enjoy all the benefits associated with these products, such as increased security, weatherproofing and heat retention capabilities.

Accredited Quality

By choosing Window Warehouse as your Leka roof suppliers, you'll be able to offer your customer the highest quality product. These roofs are approved by JHAI for Building Regulation compliance when fitted by a trained and certified Leka installer. For more installations, obtaining building the building control certification is simple and the order can be fast tracked.

You'll win more business by choosing Window Warehouse as your Leka Roof supplier. The Fareham homeowner will want the peace of mind that they are only getting the best conservatory roof for their home. By offering an accredited product, you'll prove to be a more attractive prospect to the homeowner.

Leka Roof Suppliers Fareham

Quick to Install

By manufacturing the Leka Roof ourselves, we can have full control over the quality of the roof. As a Leka Roof supplier, we can offer products that are made-to-measure. The Fareham installer just has to say what their customer wants from their roof.

By choosing Window Warehouse as your Leka roof supplier, you'll not have to spend lots of time carrying out installations. These roofs can be installed typically within two to three days. You'll not only be able to book in more jobs but you'll be offering minimal disruption to the homeowner.

Leka Roof Suppliers Fareham

If you'd like to discuss choosing Window Warehouse as your Leka Roof supplier, don't hesitate to get in touch. You can call our team on 02392 327 744 or fill out our online contact form and a member of our team will get back in touch.

Or if you know which style Leka Roof you'd like to order, you can get a fast quote. Just enter a few details and we'll send a bespoke estimate. Or you can email your project to info@window-warehouse.co.uk.

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Building Control Approval

Leka tiled roof system has been approved by JHAI for Building Regulation compliance when fitted by a trained, certified Leka installer. In most cases obtaining building control certification is simple and can be fast tracked if you choose our Leka Solid Conservatory Roof.

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