Leka Systems Carport & Canopy

The Leka Carport & Canopy offers a swift and lightweight construction solution that is both durable and efficient, serving as a modern alternative to traditional carport systems.

Leka Carport & Canopy Delivers Rapid Installation and Quality Assurance

Usually set up on an already existing load-bearing surface or concrete pads, the Leka Carport & Canopy offers a time-saving, hassle-free solution when contemplating a new carport system.

The installation of the Leka Carport & Canopy takes mere days, not weeks, eliminating concerns about thermal bridging or moisture absorption thanks to its lightweight and robust GRP framework.

The use of highly engineered, pre-fabricated modular sections ensures peace of mind, as every component of the Carport & Canopy undergoes factory testing before delivery, guaranteeing quality and reliability.

Leka Carport & Canopy Benefits

  • Swift Installation
  • Minimal Excavation
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Precision Engineering
  • Zero Maintenance

Step 1 – Adjustable Posts

To begin, we install our robust GRP posts at the designated positions, employing stabilising feet if needed to ensure secure placement.

Step 2 – Ring Beam and Rafters

Following that, we proceed to install the primary GRP ring beam and roof structure, forming a sturdy and resilient framework.

Step 3 – Load Bearing Outer Sheets

Subsequently, we install our meticulously designed, lightweight, and load-bearing outer sheets, reducing the need for numerous roof bars and expediting the installation process.

Step 4 – Roof Installation

Following this step, we apply a premium shingle or lightweight slate tile finish. This lightweight roofing material is not only durable and weatherproof but also notably swift to install.

Step 5 – Cladding

Finally, we provide you with your preferred cladding color for the underside of your roof and the supporting posts.

Step 6 – Lighting

If desired, you have the option to include lighting for your Leka Carport & Canopy, with a range of choices available to suit your preferences.

Fast Installation

In the majority of cases, the Leka Carport & Canopy can be installed and finished within just a day or two. This eliminates the need for extensive groundwork, messy construction, and weeks of building time.