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Benefits of Conservatories with Solid Roofs

The trend for conservatories with solid roofs installed has become hugely popular over recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Developments in technology have seen advanced tiled roof systems such as the Leka solid roof, make it much easier to design new build conservatories and replace old glazed conservatories with a new, solid roof design.

If you’ve heard about the trend and want to know more about the benefits of conservatories with solid roofs, keep reading!

Perfect for Year-round Use

The reason that solid roof conservatories are such a popular choice, is that a solid roof can turn a once unusable conservatory space into a room that can be used all year round, no matter what the weather.

The issues older glazed and polycarbonate conservatory roofs often face is they are renowned for letting draughts in and causing cold spots when the weather is cooler, and creates a greenhouse effect in the summer, especially if the conservatory doesn’t have heat reflective glazing. This makes it much harder to make use of the conservatory because it’s so uncomfortable. That’s where conservatories with a solid roof are most effective.

The Leka solid conservatory roof system is engineered with high-performance features, making it thermally efficient, weather resistant and ultra-durable. The roof is constructed from glass-fibre reinforced ring beams & pre-made rafters and is insulated using energy efficient foam sheets to regulate the temperature throughout the year.

Transforming into an Extension of the Home

A conservatory with a solid roof doesn’t just create extra living space, it can be designed to blend seamlessly with the rest of your home, rather than standing out as a separate building attached to your property.

A Leka solid roof can be designed to fit any conservatory style and size, with a range of tile and colour options that can either closely match with your home’s existing roof or contrast for added effect.

By adding a solid conservatory roof, you are effectively creating another room in your home for the whole family to use. Not only does this benefit your home, it may also potentially add value should you wish to sell in the future. Paying attention to the design will really pay off, turning a conservatory into an attractive extension of the home.

Easy Installation Design 

Leka solid roof systems are designed with both homeowners and installers in mind. Its lightweight and versatile design is super easy to fit, with installation in typically 2-3 days, giving your home minimal disruption and a brand-new conservatory fast!

The Leka Solid Conservatory Roof System

If you choose a Leka solid conservatory roof, the system will be designed to your home’s exact requirements, made bespoke at our factory, ready for installation.

We have a network of fully certified, skilled Leka installers who have been specially trained to fit solid conservatory roofs across the South Coast of England.

Your Leka installer will guide you through all the options for your solid conservatory roof, assess your existing roof or requirements for a new-build, create your solid roof quote and install the roof.

You can find your nearest installer through our quick quote form online. All you need to do is fill in your details and your local certified Leka installer will get in touch with you.

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