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Choosing a Solid Roof Installer for Your Conservatory Renovation

Solid, tiled conservatory roofs are fast becoming a huge trend for replacing old glazed or polycarbonate roofs that have become draughty and unsightly.

With so many glazing and home improvement companies now offering the service to replace conservatory roofs, it may seem like a minefield when choosing the best solid roof installer for the job.

How do you know who to go for and will they do a good job?

To replace your old conservatory roof, an installer will need to have the right skills, training, and the best products to ensure the highest quality finish for your home.

The Leka solid conservatory roof system is perfect for transforming your old conservatory into a fully insulated space that you can use all year round. The system prevents draughts and regulates the temperature, so it stays cool during the summer and warm throughout the winter.

Leka is installed by a network of specially trained, certified installers that are experts in conservatory roof renovations.

Why Choose a Solid Roof Installer Who’s Leka Certified?

To install a Leka Solid Roof, installers must complete training to become fully certified and experts in their field.

This ensures that they have all the right skills, knowledge and confidence to fit a solid roof, and you know that they are installing a high performance, robust and energy efficient solid roof that will turn your conservatory into a modern extension of the home.

Leka is the perfect tiled roof system for your conservatory renovation.

Not only is it lightweight and easy to fit for your installer, it’s also highly insulating and Building Regulations complaint, saving you lots of time and work ensuring you have the right permissions in place.


How your Solid Roof Installer Becomes Leka Certified

Your Leka installer will complete installation and sales training to become fully certified to fit the Leka Solid Roof System.

The installer will complete a practical session which includes a demonstration of how to install Leka Roofs correctly, and they will receive lots of information on all the benefits of Leka Roofs so that they can become experts!

Only once they have finished this training will they become a Certified Leka Roof Installer. This means that you’ll have peace of mind that your conservatory roof renovation will be completed to the best standards and you’ll receive a quality service.

The Leka Solid Roof system has been approved by JHAI for Building Regulations compliance when fitted by trained and certified Leka installers. This means that they can sort your building certificates for your conservatory roof renovation quickly and easily.

How to Find a Leka Solid Roof Installer

Our network of local, certified Leka Installers is based along the South Coast of England, from Southampton and Portsmouth to Chichester and Bournemouth. They also cover areas across Hampshire, Dorset and the Home Counties, even the M25 circular into London, Kent and Essex.

To find your nearest Leka Roof installer, you can fill out a simple quote form and your local installer will be in touch with you to discuss replacing your conservatory roof.

They will come and talk to you about your project and requirements and assess your existing conservatory roof frames to make sure that they are strong and safe enough to install a brand new solid roof onto.

You can complete your online quote form here, or if you would like to find out more information, get in touch with us at info@window-warehouse.co.uk.

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