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Choosing the best conservatory roof for your home

Traditionally, a classic conservatory was created with glazed windows and a polycarbonate roof. Polycarbonate was the best conservatory roof material available, as it was very cost-effective and simple to use. However, over time, the older conservatories started to experience problems such as draughts, leaks and poor insulation.

Luckily, with improvements in technology, this is no longer the case. There’s now lots of high-performance materials available, including glass and solid tiled roofs.

There’s a huge trend for solid conservatory roofs in the UK. Replacing old conservatory roofs with a solid roof system is becoming a popular option for homeowners who may not want to replace their entire conservatory.

Our Leka Solid Roof system is designed to create a complete tiled roof finish for your conservatory, both outside and in. There is a range of lightweight tiles including a natural slate look for the outside, and the inside is finished with a fully sealed, high roof that is plastered for a spacious, extension-like room that the whole family can enjoy.

A Leka Solid Roof helps to eliminate the many issues old, polycarbonate roofs experience, due to its robust and highly insulated construction. It’s manufactured from a super-lightweight and insulating glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) ring beam and pre-made rafters that helps to regulate the temperature of the conservatory, keeping it cool in the summer and warmer during the winter.

When it comes to choosing the best conservatory roof style, the Leka solid roof system helps to transform any conservatory into an extension of the home. There’s an array of design choices to help you pick the perfect style of solid conservatory roof to match with your existing property and your desired look and finish.

Bespoke to your conservatory

The beauty of the Leka Solid Roof system is that it’s specially engineered to match and replace any existing roof shape or design of your conservatory.

The lightweight construction means it can be installed on most existing conservatory frames too, as long as they are strong enough and in a good condition.

All conservatory roofs are made to measure to any style and shape. If you are looking for a traditional design, Edwardian and Victorian are a great choice, and if you are looking to add a grand effect to your home, a P-Shaped or T-Shaped conservatory roof is ideal. For a modern touch, Lean-To conservatory roofs are increasingly popular too.

A design tailored for your home

For the best conservatory roof finish, there’s a whole selection of lightweight and weatherproof tiles for your solid roof, with a choice of natural slate finishes and colour options available to complement the design and style of your main house roof too.

Tapco Slate

For a stylish, natural look, Tapco slate is perfect. Made from resin-bonded limestone, it’s a lightweight tile that still has the rugged, textured appearance of real slate.

Tapco Slate won’t curl, lift or delaminate and has superior weather resistance, creating a long lasting finish for your conservatory roof that will look brand new for years to come. You can choose from 5 standard natural look colours or mixed colour options.


For an extra strong and high-performance tile option, Metrotile is the ideal solution. It’s made from steel which gives the system lots of added strength and durability without creating any extra weight. The tiles are extremely weatherproof and no nails are exposed in the finished construction, so there’s no risk of rusting. You can choose from five colour options to complement your existing home.

The high-performance, eco-friendly conservatory roof

By choosing a solid roof for your conservatory, you’ll benefit from the great energy efficiency qualities it features. The Leka Solid Roof is designed with comfort in mind. It’s highly insulated which gives the system a very low U-Value of 0.15. A U-Value displays how effective a product is at insulating and reducing heat loss, and the lower the U-Value, the better!

What this means is that a solid roof conservatory will help to keep the temperature warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, as it helps to prevent heat loss whilst continuing to ventilate the room efficiently, creating a comfortable living space that the whole family can enjoy all year round.

Velux Roof lights

There’s no need to lose out on light when installing a solid roof on your conservatory, you can choose to have a Velux roof light added to your design.

They help to bring added natural light to your conservatory, along with extra ventilation when it’s needed during the hot, sunny weather.

Installing your solid conservatory roof

We have a network of local, Certified Leka installers who are there to help design and install the best conservatory roof for your home.

All our Leka Certified Installers are based across the South Coast of England and are specially trained to fit your new conservatory roof. They are equipped with all the advice and help you need to create the perfect solid roof conservatory.

It’s really easy to find your local installer, all you need to do is complete a quick quote form on our website and your nearest local installer will get in touch.

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