Leka solid conservatory roof

Planning your dream conservatory with a solid roof from Leka

Are you thinking of extending your home? Choosing a conservatory with a solid roof can be a great choice.

There are many benefits to building a conservatory, they can be much easier to manage and plan, and there’s often less disruption caused to your home compared to building an extension however, many homeowners are put off by the stories they’ve heard about glazed conservatories. How they can’t be used at certain times of the year when the weather gets too hot or too cold. This is because conservatories with old glazed roofs have the reputation of letting in draughts during the winter and turning into glaring greenhouses when the sun shines on them.

Well, that’s the beauty of solid roof conservatories. The design and structure of a solid roof helps to give the appearance of an extension to the home, with all the benefits of a conservatory.

There’s lots of thought that goes into planning an extension to the home, and by choosing a conservatory with a solid roof, you can easily create a space that can be enjoyed by the whole family for years to come. That’s why we’ve created a simple checklist of things to consider if you would like to plan your dream conservatory with a solid roof.

1. The use

The first consideration should always be to decide how you would like to use your new conservatory. This will help you to choose the right design and style of conservatory further down the line.

Maybe you’re in need of extra space or would like more room to entertain guests in. Or how about a place where you can relax in and connect your home with the garden?

All these decisions will help you envisage exactly how you might use the space, so that you can build a conservatory that has the right proportions and meets your needs.

2. Space available

The next point on our checklist is to look at how much room you have to play with. Conservatories tend to take up a bit of outdoor space, so it’s always worth considering how much of the garden you’re willing to give up for your brand-new conservatory.

A conservatory effortlessly connects the home to the outdoors, with large expanses of glass which helps to create a bright and airy space that brings in lots of natural daylight, so you won’t be missing the garden space too much!

3. Style and design

It’s super important that you are happy with the finished look and design of your new conservatory, so it’s always a good idea to spend some time researching all the different styles of conservatories that are available.

There are lots of options to suit all tastes and homes perfectly. If you are looking for a more traditional style, it’s worth considering a Victorian or Edwardian conservatory as both these styles add a touch of classic elegance. Alternatively, if you are looking to bring an ultra-modern element to your home, a stylish Lean-to conservatory is the perfect option.

Solid roofs can be designed bespoke to your conservatory style, with a selection of tile options that can closely match or contrast with your home’s existing roof.

4. Choosing a roof

A conservatory with a solid roof can make a huge impact on the overall design, by turning the building into an extension of the home rather than just a traditional glazed room.

The Leka Solid Roof really shines when it comes to conservatory constructions. Leka Solid Roofs feature a lightweight design that’s manufactured using glass fibre construction which is then reinforced with plastic ring beams and pre-made rafters for the ultimate high-performance system.

Leka roofs can be designed with any conservatory style in mind, from Edwardian, Victorian to P-Shaped and T-Shaped, and can be completed in a selection of tile and colour finishes to complement your home, such as a natural slate finish.

5. Heating and ventilation

Building a conservatory with a solid roof is often a popular choice because of the great thermal performance that they provide. Ideal for family homes as it helps to keep your heating bills down during our cold British weather!

The Leka Solid Roof system works by adding high performance ventilation and insulation whilst creating an extension-like feel. It’s a highly energy efficient option to choose compared to traditional glazed or polycarbonate roofs.

6. Finishing touches

Once you’ve decided on the style and roof of your conservatory, it’s then time to plan the finishing touches.

Adding widespan aluminium sliding, bifold or French doors can complete the look of your conservatory. They help to open up the space between your new conservatory and your garden perfectly, by seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor living.

If it’s lots of light you’re after, why not add a Velux Rooflight to your dream conservatory? Rooflights help to flood any space with natural daylight and give a touch of extra ventilation during the warmer months.

7. Planning Permission

Most solid roof conservatory projects don’t need planning permission, as they’re classed as Permitted Developments, however there are some limitations so it’s always best to check out the Planning Portal to see if your conservatory is covered.

When you choose a Leka solid roof, in many cases there’s no need to worry about Building Regulations as the installation of the roof is Building Regulations compliant. This is because the system is tested and assessed to be JHAI certified, as long as it is fitted by a certified Leka installer! You can read more about Building Regulations in our blog.

8. Choosing a certified installer

A Leka Certified Installer can help you turn your dream conservatory with a solid roof into a reality.

We have a network of skilled installers who can install a Leka Solid Roof in your area. All Leka Certified Installers are specially trained to fit your conservatory roof across the South Coast of England.

It’s simple to find your installer, all you need to do is fill out a quick quote form and your installer will get in touch with you to discuss your dream conservatory build!

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