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To extend with a tiled roof conservatory or move?

Putting a Tiled Roof on a Conservatory Could Save a Costly House Move

Has the last bank holiday weekend made you realise that you could really do with some extra space at home? Perhaps you have an old conservatory that can’t be used because it’s too costly to heat in winter and too hot to sit in during the summer months. Or maybe you want a completely new space so that you can fit in a bigger dining table, a cosy snug or just a room where you can sit and enjoy the garden.

Moving isn’t your only option! A tiled roof conservatory is a great addition to any home, to add extra space that can be used all year round. Whether you already have a conservatory that could be refurbished with a Leka solid roof, or you need a new space building, here are our top five reasons to improve, not move and extend your space with a Leka tiled roof conservatory.

1. Extra space for you and your family

A tiled roof conservatory is a great way to create extra space in your home. You can choose a small space to just add an extra few square feet or think big to really transform your living space.

2. All conservatory styles

The Leka tiled roof conservatory system can be used to create all styles of conservatory, including lean-to, Edwardian, Victorian, P-shaped and T-Shaped. Whether it’s a new-build or a retrofit, we can help you choose the best roof style and tiles to match your property.

3. Orangery style extensions

If you want a space that feels more like an extension than a glazed conservatory, you could opt for an orangery style extension with more wall space and traditional windows. The Leka Orangery Roof system, with a glazed roof lantern to let in extra light is the perfect choice for this style.

4. Refurbish your old conservatory

If you already have a conservatory that you can’t use because it is thermally inefficient, a Leka tiled conservatory roof refurbishment could be the answer. As long as your conservatory frames are structurally sound, a Leka lightweight roof can be retrofitted to them. This is a cost-effective solution to making your space more comfortable, so that you can use it all year round.

5. Stay in the home you love

Just because you don’t have quite as much space as you need doesn’t mean you have to leave the home you love, that’s close to friends, family, local shops and your children’s school. Putting a tiled roof on a conservatory is a great way to make your home more suitable for your family life.


Why choose a Leka tiled roof conservatory?

Leka roofs have been specially designed to offer great thermal efficiency to completely transform conservatories. They are truly lightweight because they use a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) ring beam and rafters. Their lightweight tiles are available in a full range of styles and colours so you have lots of design options too.

Leka tiled roof conservatories can only be manufactured by Approved Fabricators and installed by Leka Certified Installers, so you can be certain that your Leka tiled roof will be made and fitted to the very highest standrds.

Would you like to know more about putting a tiled roof on a conservatory? Why not request a quote from our certified installers?

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