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Five Reasons to Choose a Solid Roof for Your New Conservatory

Over recent years, the trend for solid roof conservatories has continued to rise. Lots of homeowners across the UK are now opting for the extension-like finish that they create for homes, rather than the glazed roof styles that are synonymous with traditional conservatories.

If you’re looking to extend your home with a new conservatory but aren’t too sure whether you should stick with a glazed roof or choose a solid roof conservatory – we’ve put together a list of our top five reasons why a solid roof such as the Leka system is a great option.

1. Creates a Living Space You Can Use All Year Round

A solid roof conservatory is designed to be much more energy efficient than a traditional glazed or polycarbonate roof. The main drawback of glazed roofs is that they can quite easily turn your conservatory into an icebox throughout the winter, and a greenhouse in the summer if they don’t have heat reflective glazing. Simply meaning that they can’t be lived in all year round.
That’s where solid roof systems such as Leka really shine! The Leka solid roof system is designed to effectively ventilate and insulate your conservatory. It uses Celotex foam sheets that help to regulate the temperature in a conservatory, creating a space that’s comfortable whatever the weather. So, your new conservatory will keep cool during summer and warm during the winter, without the need for you to turn up the thermostat and spend more on your energy bills to keep it at the perfect temperature.

2. Designed for Your Home

If you’d like to add extra living space for your home without the look of a traditional glass roofed conservatory, choosing a solid roof is the perfect solution. The use of a solid tiled roof creates more of an extension look, without the need for building an actual extension.

Leka solid roofs can be designed with your home in mind. They can fit any conservatory style and size, so you can choose a design that will match with the rest of your home. Making it feel like an extension, rather than a separate addition to your property. If you are looking for more of an unusual shaped conservatory, we can create bespoke solid roofs that are unique to your requirements.

3. Choose Tile and Design Options to Suit Your Existing Home

As with the range of styles and sizes available for a solid roof, they can also be completed in a selection of tile and colour finishes that can closely match or contrast with your home’s existing roof.

With the Leka solid roof system, you can choose from our lightweight, weatherproof tiles including a natural slate finish in a range of colours.

4. Makes a Long-Lasting and Hardwearing Conservatory

Solid roofs are extremely robust and long wearing and they can withstand all kinds of British weather, with superb resistance against rust and corrosion. When you choose a Leka solid roof for your new conservatory, you’ll receive a 40-year system warranty for peace of mind.

Also, unlike a glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof which can collect dirt, debris and moss, and needs cleaning regularly, a solid roof requires much less maintenance because the tiled finish is similar to the roof on your house.

5. Extra Daylight Provided with Rooflights

If you’re looking at glazed conservatories to maximise on light, choosing a solid roof can still be an option. Rooflights can be incorporated into your solid roof system to make sure that your conservatory is still filled with lots of natural light.

You can choose to have a Velux rooflight included with your Leka solid roof design, not only do they make the interior of your conservatory feel spacious, they also provide extra ventilation during the warmer summer months.

Solid Roof from Leka

If you decide on a Leka solid roof, it doesn’t take long to have it installed. The system is made-to-measure at our factory and can be fitted in 2-3 days, so that you can have your brand-new conservatory completed in less time.

Our network of skilled Leka installers are specially trained and certified to fit your conservatory roof across the South Coast of England. So, if you would like to talk to your nearest installer about installing a Leka solid roof on your new conservatory, fill out a quick quote form and your installer will be in touch.

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